Weed in the Womb, Orhan Kâhyaoğlu
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 64 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-633-6

1st Print: October 2007
Orhan Kâhyaoğlu
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About the Author
Born in İstanbul in 1960, Orhan Kâhyaoğlu graduated from Department of International Relations at İstanbul University. His first music book was on Pink Floyd (with Sinan Güler). He published his poems and essays on music and arts in various journals and newspapers, starting from 1987. He was on the editorial boards of poetry journals Sombahar and Ludingirra. He worked in İstanbul state television as advisor to many music, culture and literature programs and also as a radio programmer. He gives lectures on Sociology of Music, History of Jazz, World Music and Turkish Pop History. He works currently as the director of İSTA Academy of Communication and Arts Technology. He published three books of poetry: Hoyrat Bir Ruhun Eksilme Tabloları/Reduction Scenes of a Vulgar Soul (1993), Aşk ve Harf/Love and Letter (2000) and most recently Rahimdeki Ot/Weed in the Womb (2007). His books on music are: Pink Floyd (with Sinan Güler, 1984), Jethro Tull (1991), Bülent Ortaçgil, Ayrı Düşmüşüz Yanyana/Bülent Ortaçgil, Separated Side by Side (2002), Caz ve Ötesi/Jazz and Beyond (2003), And Dağları’ndan Anadolu'ya Devrimci Müzik Geleneği ve Grup Yorum/Revolutionary Music Tradition from the Ands to Anatolia and Group Yorum (2003).
Orhan Kâhyaoğlu
Weed in the Womb

Rahimdeki Ot
One of the most important names in the last decades of Turkish poetry, having created a fresh and unique poetics, Kâhyaoğlu proves himself a mature poet in his last book Weed in the Womb. Also a music critic and radio programmer, the musical side of his poetry is obvious in this book of eleven episodes.

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