I Never Meant To, Fatih Özgüven
Metis Fiction
Short Stories
13 x 19.5 cm, 128 pp
ISBN No. 978-975-342-624-4

1st Print: September 2007
Fatih Özgüven
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About the Author
Fatih Özgüven currently teaches film theory at Istanbul Bilgi University and writes weekly film reviews for Radikal. He has worked as an editor at a prominent publishing house, taught literature at Bosphorus University and has published film and literary reviews in a number of periodicals and newspapers. His books include a novel, Esrarengiz Bay Kartaloğlu (Mysterious Mr. Kartaloğlu, 1990) and a collection of essays, Yerüstünden Notlar (Notes from the Overground, 2001). Özgüven is also famous for his translations of the works of authors such as Borges, Nabokov, Henry James, Karen Blixen, Thomas Mann, Thomas Bernhard, Paul Auster, Flannery O’Connor, Virginia Woolf and Brett Easton Ellis. Most recently he published two books of short stories Bir Şey Oldu (Something Happens, 2006) and Hiç Niyetim Yoktu (I Never Meant To), that have immediately gained an enthusiastic readership.
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Fatih Özgüven
I Never Meant To
Stories of Europe

Hiç Niyetim Yoktu: Avrupa Hikâyeleri

With his new set of stories in I Never Meant To, the eagerly awaited follow-up to Something Happens, Fatih Özgüven takes a witty and awry look at the complicated and illusion-rich relations between Turks and Europe. He charts humorous, sad and at times tragicomic everyday encounters between educated middle class Turks and their ideas of Europe, between somewhat clueless Europeans and their easternmost fantasies. An ‘exotic’ rent boy, so professional that he’d never make a wrong move, goes on a business trip to Vienna... A groovy European young man gains much wisdom when he discovers the city’s hidden music on a visit to Istanbul... A contemporary Young Turk on exile inadvertently follows in his forefathers’ romantic footsteps... More universally, these stories are about being at home, in one’s homeland, in one’s language, body and intimacy with others, but also in the strange spaces one gets to imagine and inhabit as the world shrinks at full speed and cultures merge to create awkward constellations.
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