The Knife with a Wooden Handle, Türker Armaner
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 228 pp
ISBN No. 978-975-342-618-3

1st Print: June 2007
Türker Armaner
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About the Author
Türker Armaner is an Istanbul-based writer. He holds a PhD in philosophy from Saint-Denis University, Paris. He has taught at many universities in Istanbul and is currently a full-time instructor at the Philosophy Department of Galatasaray University. As a literary author and an academic, Armaner has published three collections of short stories and novellas, Kıyısız (Without A Coast, 1997), Taş Hücre (The Stone Cell, 2000), Dalgakıran (Breakwater, 2003), and recently a novel: Tahta Saplı Bıçak (The Knife With A Wooden Handle, 2007).
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Türker Armaner
The Knife with a Wooden Handle

Tahta Saplı Bıçak
The Knife with a Wooden Handle is a novel narrating a day in the life of a middle-class family in June 1979, in a summerhouse, about a year before the military coup in Turkey. The main character, Münevver is a professor of history at the university, rigid, well disciplined and strictly loyal to the fundamental principles of the state. She had made a research at Berlin University in the first half of 1939 and had had a love affair with one of the young members of the National Socialist party right before the war exploded. The narration time is merely a day, but through the memories of Münevver and the other characters, the novel comprises a period between 1939-1979 in Berlin and Istanbul, and the reader constantly encounters a knife with a wooden handle, a generic image, which is used for innocent kitchen work and butchery, as well as for assassination.

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