Poems To Be, Sezen Aksu
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 224 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-588-0

1st Print: December 2006
2nd Print: January 2007
Sezen Aksu
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About the Author
Singer, songwriter and producer, the multi-talented Sezen Aksu is undisputedly the “Queen of Turkish Pop”. Since her debut in 1975, she has released 10 singles and 27 albums, selling over 20 million records. She has received more than 200 awards and was designated as the “Female Artist of the Year” countless times. A remarkably brave figure in Turkey’s popular culture, Aksu has contributed to many social aid and solidarity campaigns, giving fundraising concerts for causes such as earthquake relief and girls' education. She also lent her solidarity to mothers of the disappeared and gave a concert series named “Songs of Turkey” where she performed songs in minority languages spoken in Turkey. A prolific songwriter with an oeuvre of over 400 songs, one of her most significant traits is the support she has lent to many young musicians. The pop diva is a national icon with a devoted international following.
Sezen Aksu
Poems To Be

Eksik Şiir

Poems To Be consists of 197 lyrics selected from over 400 pieces Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu wrote between 1975-2006. These songs have claimed their place in the lives and memories of three or four consecutive generations in Turkey. The aim in editing them in a volume is to bring out the poetry in these lyrics. Sezen Aksu’s songs have always flirted with poetry, often they are poetic, and sometimes they are downright poems. Her lyrics represent the expanse of Turkey to full extent, in them we encounter a unique blend of rich diversity, including motifs from both the long bygone and contemporary urban tunes to those of far Anatolian corners. Poems To Be is a book about love, our passions, break-ups, submissions, disappointments and newfound hopes. It shows us how fragile we are as humans, but also how we have the power to tend to our wounds and live on. An abridged version of the book is being prepared for publication in other languages.
Ahmet Cemal, Cumhuriyet, 21 December 2006
Sezen Aksu has never ceased to be the representative of a unique, self-styled and strong ethics that sides with humanity. This is why her lyrics should be seen as the necessary tunes to a music that aims to deliver us to a more human world.

Burn me up, burn yourself, burn all that there is
Just a spark’s enough, I’m ready for this
Kiss me or touch me, kill me if you will
One should die for love, only then love is

I took you inside me all in one breath
My heart’s arrested; my breast’s caught in a cage
We’ll be consumed together in the same flame
Just a spark’s enough, I’m ready for this
One should die for love, only then love is
Wear me out missing you; wear me out with your love
No love is worse than having loved and lost
Hurt me if you will, as much as you can
When you’re here it’s not enough, but neither is it when gone

Lord, oh Lord, Lord, oh Lord I walk into the fire
Lord, oh Lord, I grow with grief, I grow with love

Translated from the Turkish by Bülent Somay

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