Something Happens, Fatih Özgüven
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 126 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-556-2

1st Print: February 2006
2nd Print: March 2006
Fatih Özgüven
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About the Author
Fatih Özgüven currently teaches film theory at Istanbul Bilgi University and writes weekly film reviews for Radikal. He has worked as an editor at a prominent publishing house, taught literature at Bosphorus University and has published film and literary reviews in a number of periodicals and newspapers. His books include a novel, Esrarengiz Bay Kartaloğlu (Mysterious Mr. Kartaloğlu, 1990) and a collection of essays, Yerüstünden Notlar (Notes from the Overground, 2001). Özgüven is also famous for his translations of the works of authors such as Borges, Nabokov, Henry James, Karen Blixen, Thomas Mann, Thomas Bernhard, Paul Auster, Flannery O’Connor, Virginia Woolf and Brett Easton Ellis. Most recently he published two books of short stories Bir Şey Oldu (Something Happens, 2006) and Hiç Niyetim Yoktu (I Never Meant To), that have immediately gained an enthusiastic readership.
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Fatih Özgüven
Something Happens
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Something Happens consists of 13 urban stories, some mischievous and playful, some uncanny and disquieting, but all decidedly crepuscular and pregnant with possibilities. In these intriguing sketches of quotidian situations and modern-day characters, Fatih Özgüven hits a unique vein of the everyday: small-scale anxieties that rarely deliver, if ever. His masterfully calm and subtly humorous tone makes for a smooth yet haunting read.
The Penguin’s Tale
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The Phantom Behind
In Travel and in Death
The Other Address
Music of Fate
In the Elevator
The World of Animals
Bosphorus Murders
Something Happens
Jale Parla, Radikal Kitap Eki, 12 May 2006
"Almost all of Özgüven’s stories in this collection contain many possibilities at once, and thus conceal other stories yet to be told. This is actually something inherent to the short story genre, but in Something Happens this aspect is strongly emphasized and brought to the fore. We can think of Özgüven’s stories as ‘shell’ stories of some sort, consisting of and even repressing many other stories that crave breaking through that shell."
Ahmet Ergenç, Milliyet Sanat Dergisi, March 2006
"Özgüven records small-scale worries with a minimalist style. And most of the stories come to an end resembling images suspended in mid-air. …The serenity and calm of these stories create images and pull back, allowing them to take their course and slowly echo in the mind of the reader. So that rather than having an immediate impact on the reader, the stories take effect in time, the next day perhaps."
Until then he had not really related to his asshole. He knew it was there, yes. He imagined it rather as something that dilated and contracted according to what was coming out of it -he did know that it was a dilating-contracting movement, he felt it- rather like the motion of a camera lens when you look at it from the front. There was a picture in his mind from medical journals or pornographic magazines; an exit point circled in pink, purple or brown. Sometimes it could also be an entry point. Its elasticity, the elasticity which made it possible to take in things was not meant to be, had always seemed to him an exaggerated facility. No, not because he was against pornography. He was open-minded. It was only that the insistence on finding other uses for things meant for a specific function, made him think what busybodies people were -inventive people, people who can always think of new uses for everything- and he found this endeavor superfluous. It was there, outside of him, he had no quarrel with it... Click for more 

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