Echoing The Bird’s Song, Ayşegül Devecioğlu
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 224 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-456-6

1st Print: January 2004
2nd Print: November 2004
Ayşegül Devecioğlu
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About the Author
A well-known journalist and a political activist of many years, Ayşegül Devecioğlu has acted as a spokesperson of her generation, refusing to be silenced by the coup d’état in 1980, which smashed all grassroots political mobility in the country. She held various editorial positions at newspapers, journals and television channels, addressing feminist and leftist issues. Echoing The Bird’s Song is her first novel, a groundbreaking text in addressing the history of the repressed in Turkey. Her second novel, Ağlayan Dağ Susan Nehir (Weeping Mountain Silent River, 2007) about the Roma in the Balkans, calls into question republican identity-formation in Turkey.
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Ayşegül Devecioğlu
Echoing The Bird’s Song

Kuş Diline Öykünen

Ayşegül Devecioğlu undertakes a strenuous task with this novel, that of narrating the muted personal histories of those who invested their lives and dreams in a once-possible socialist revolution and who were eventually crushed by the coup d’état of 1980. Devecioğlu’s novel is not only a powerful critique of the period, attending to state violence as well as to the problematic dynamics within the left, but also a unique literary achievement that demonstrates the power of literature in doing justice to the past. An ex-militant woman’s take on the period…
Hande Öğüt, Radikal Kitap Eki, 13 February 2004
"A perfect first novel that reminds us of our humanity. … The novel narrates a period of great upheaval during which tens of thousands of people lost their lives, their dreams or their mind. It is narrated without recourse to any easy didacticisms, with a warm but chilling voice.
       With its real-life ‘heroes’ who are not quixotists but rather adherents of the revolution, with its historical background, its success in creating atmosphere and space and its powerful descriptions, Echoing The Bird’s Song is one of the best ‘period’ novels of our day."
A. Ömer Türkeş, Pandora, 2004
"Exposing with its striking story how collective memory works, how memories are altered or forgotten, Echoing The Bird’s Song not only questions the reasons for the revolutionary defeat, the moment of disengagement from the society and the resultant isolation but also critiques the revolutionary mentality that has until now focused on seizing governmental power. ... In the past few years there has been an increase in novels that attend to the history of the left, and leftist characters who have lived that history and suffered the trauma of the ‘justice’ of the coup. Echoing The Bird’s Song is one of the best amongst them, attending to that history from within it, and never sacrificing literature in the meantime."

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