On the Verge, Ayhan Geçgin
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 200 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-420-5

1st Print: September 2003
About the Author
Born in Istanbul in 1970, Ayhan Geçgin graduated from the Middle Eastern Technical University in Ankara with a degree in philosophy. His first novel Kenarda (On the Verge) was published in 2003, and second novel Gençlik Düşü (A Dream of Youth) in the fall of 2006. Having captivated the attention of literary critics with his first novel, he proved himself a masterful novelist with Gençlik Düşü where he intertwines the present and past of a middle aged writer. Ayhan Geçgin currently resides in Istanbul.
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Ayhan Geçgin
On the Verge


An extraordinary debut that has caused a critical stir, On the Verge is about those who have left their villages to plunge into the chaos of the big city, those who lead lives in between – can neither adapt, nor return... It is a narrative that wanders through settlement, languor, immigration and anxiety while directing the same cold gaze at both the poverty-stricken shantytowns and the bright rich avenues of the city. What is the amount of time required to belong to a city? If becoming an urbanite involves leaving all rural imaginaries behind, what can the memory substitute for that which it leaves behind?
       Ayhan Geçgin has brought a difficult but new form and a fresh aesthetics to contemporary Turkish literature with this political novel that has a very strong philosophical background.
Semih Gümüş, Milliyet Sanat, November 2003
On the Verge is not an ordinary novel. There is no story that develops around a clear subject here. It is a narrative that is open-ended at both ends, from the outset, it refuses to narrate a situation or person. Situations, moments, spaces and people narrated in the novel are surprisingly limited, rather than successively proliferating they get reduced, almost erased. When it feels as if Ayhan Geçgin is taking the reader elsewhere, he's actually bringing them back to the same place, again and again, yet each time bestowing upon the reader another way of seeing.”
Hüseyin Kıran, Virgül, December 2006
“The language of On the Verge is cold, distant, metallic. From the first lines of the novel to the very end, we encounter an exacting style that never gets carried away. Thus the novel's difficult, robust, cemented sentences recall philosophical texts that can only be grasped with the sharp edge of the mind.”

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