Rascal Lovers, Niyazi Zorlu
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 240 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-424-8

1st Print: October 2003
Niyazi Zorlu
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About the Author
Born in Bingöl in 1965, Niyazi Zorlu graduated from Faculty of Agriculture at Ege University. He wrote plays and sketches for the state radio. He was honored as a "noteworthy story writer" in 1994 in the Yaşar Nabi Nayır Youth Awards. He published a collection of stories Şehir İçi Öyküleri (Inner City Stories) in 1998. Rascal Lovers is his first novel.
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Niyazi Zorlu
Rascal Lovers

Hergele Âşıklar

A full-on revolt against all establishments of power and their lies, including the education system, the institution of family, capitalist appropriation, coercive conservatism, masculinity and compulsory heterosexuality… Rascal Lovers is the loud and proud coming-out story of shantytown revolutionaries Zekeriya and Hazan whose truest weapon is God-given letters and words. A riot of a novel, Rascal Lovers possesses its reader with the boisterous joy of linguistic and political sabotage.
Asuman Kafaoğlu-Büke, Cumhuriyet Kitap, 6 November 2003
"From the first pages on Rascal Lovers proves to be an enthralling novel. Niyazi Zorlu is an incredible literary talent. He mixes slang with the poetic and the surreal and throws it at us. Only after finishing the novel does one realize that this is also political revolt. At the heart of the novel lies resistance to conservative forces."
A. Ömer Türkeş, Radikal Kitap Eki, 2 January 2004
"Even the first few sentences of the novel entice us into a different language, promises that the text will be constructed outside the classical frameworks and that words and sentences will be enriched with significances beyond the given limits of language. What’s more, Zorlu fulfills his promises. ... A must read."
Murat Uyurkulak, Milliyet Sanat, January 2004
"A linguistic festival, a love story that leaves the reader breathless… A novel that stands up to all establishments that corrode our lives, with its intoxicating, enchanting, jolting language and no compromises… I want to dedicate Zorlu’s own words to him: "Damn! What a beautiful daring!"

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