Tol, Murat Uyurkulak
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 264 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-372-1

1st Print: September 2002
3rd Print: February 2006
Murat Uyurkulak
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About the Author
Murat Uyurkulak was born in 1972 in Aydın. A university dropout, Uyurkulak worked as a waiter, technician, translator, journalist and publisher. His first novel Tol was published in 2002. It was received with wide critical acclaim, immediately establishing him as a new and powerful voice in contemporary Turkish literature. Tol was adapted for the theater and has enjoyed a long and successful run. It is currently being translated to German to be published by Unionsverlag in 2008. His second novel Har was published in 2006.
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Har, 2006 , 2006
Murat Uyurkulak
A Revenge Novel

Tol: Bir İntikam Romanı

Rights sold / published by:
German: Unionsverlag

The long train journey of two "defeated and exhausted" characters, once targets of the sweeping rage of the state and thus both marked with the brutal side of the country’s recent history. The Poet, a ’68 political activist, and Yusuf, a red diaper child of the coup d’état, embark on an intoxicated and tormenting process of settling accounts with history, society and themselves. Meanwhile outside the train, all over the country, bombs are set off by an "unknown power", destroying the most prominent official institutions and buildings that represent big money, state terrorism and oppression. Breaking the chains of fear, people launch a massive rebellion in a superbly carnivalesque atmosphere. When The Poet and Yusuf arrive at the last station, they step out onto a land where "the revolution is once again probable". In a fascinating move, this "revenge novel" extends its vengeance on to the language itself, creatively destroying laws of syntax, semantics and vocabulary.
       Tol is the first novel of Murat Uyurkulak, a new and powerful voice in contemporary Turkish literature, appraised as the long awaited literary debut.
Yıldırım Türker
"The author hangs out of the frenetic darkness of mercy, infinity of the wild, bestiality of deprivation, and at that very moment of horror you see him falling, you encounter with the novel. Uyurkulak stands in our way with that unique courage of the great people of literature."
Selah Kemaloğlu, Yeni Şafak, 13 October 2002
"With Tol, Murat Uyurkulak follows the path of revenge that shattered, ostracized and battered lives lead to, and takes a sharp non-official look at the non-official history of Turkey. Tol is a novel fragmented in the narratives of characters torn apart between the extremes of lovelessness and love, between 'love and hate'".
That year rains, rains and how! A rotten stench of damp disquiet on the velvet curtains, on the massive engraved armchairs and the stored bedsheets – martial law has been declared in the country. Innocence has been too much to bear for the country.
       After a pitch black March and backward come the winter, the autumn and the summer. They really do shoot and kill, they really do corner and capture, no one can believe.
       And then the schools are closed, the schools are never opened again. Rains later, the spirits are low, hearts broken. For everyone, the state has now acquired a human shape, with hands and feet, with eyes, guns and bullets.
       The sun scorches the tin roofs in one of the most wretched quarters in town, it thickens and stinks up the sewer that heedlessly runs downhill from the middle of the soil road, it licks warmly the backs of those who have been dragged down into the city as in a vanquished army, and it tempts the barefoot children towards the faraway hills that it brightens like a dream... Click for more 

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