The Wordly and The Sacred, Özgür Taburoğlu
Metis Non
13 x 19.5 cm, 304 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-671-8

1st Print: June 2008
Özgür Taburoğlu
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About the Author
Born in 1973 in Kırşehir, Özgür Taburoğlu got his BA in computer engineering in 1997 from Bilkent University, where he was on scholarship. His articles and essays have been published in magazines like Defter, Virgül, Toplum ve Bilim, and Birikim. He is currently working as a computer engineer in Ankara. The Wordly and The Sacred is his first published book.
Özgür Taburoğlu
The Wordly and The Sacred
Modern Search for a Spirituality

Dünyevi ve Kutsal: Modernlerin Maneviyat Arayışları
A cultural history of the secular, focusing on the genesis and development of the secular from the sacred, beginning from the times when the world was totally covered with the sacred, in which there was no split between this world and the other worlds. Taburoğlu refuses to see the secular and the sacred in dualist terms, as absolute opposites, and tries to build a way of looking at them in a continuous interaction. The book consists of five chapters, the first two chapters on The Secular: A Cultural Background and a Historical Background, then Aesthetics: Pictorial Image, Writing and the Word, Mysticism: Imagination of a Boundless World, and The Secular Theologies: Moderns' Search for a New Spirituality, focusing on the writings of Romantics, Bataille, Heidegger, Levinas, Merleau-Ponty and feminism.

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