Something is Missing, Bülent Somay
Metis Nonfiction
Cultural Studies
13 x 19.5 cm, 128 pp
ISBN No. 978-975-342-605-3

1st Print: April 2007
2nd Print: August 2007
Bülent Somay
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About the Author
Bülent Somay received his BA and MA degrees in English Language and Literature in Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. After an abortive attempt at a PhD in McGill University Montréal, he gave up academic career, and for fifteen years worked as a freelance writer, journalist, scriptwriter, musician and editor. He contributed to many left-wing political/cultural journals during this period and now he is on the editorial board of the Turkish quarterly Cogito and the online International Journal of Zizek Studies. Somay worked at Metis Publishing between 1995-2002 as the editor-in-chief for SF & Fantasy and as a collaborating editor for philosophy and social sciences. He published four books in Turkish Geriye Kalan Devrimdir (What Remains is the Revolution, 1997), Şarkı Okuma Kitabı (Song Reader, 2000), Tarihin Bilinçdışı (The Unconscious of History, 2004) and Bir Şeyler Eksik (Something is Missing, 2007). He also published many articles and essays in Turkish and some in English and German. In 1999, Somay started teaching part-time at Istanbul Bilgi University (IBU), especially on SF & Utopia and Psychoanalysis & Literature. Now he is a full-time lecturer in IBU Comparative Literature Department; and also the Director of the MA Program in Cultural Studies. Another book on the impending transformation in Turkish left-wing politics is forthcoming in Fall 2007.
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Geriye Kalan Devrimdir (What Remains is the Revolution),1997
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Bülent Somay
Something is Missing
Things We Don’t Want to Know about Love, Sex and Life

Bir Şeyler Eksik
Aşk, Cinsellik ve Hayat Hakkında Bilmek İstemediğimiz Şeyler

We tend to speak intermittently about love, sex and life and say very little. Popular culture is chock-full of all kinds of “literature” advising us of how to love, make love, live and make life. In the midst of so many words, we find little substance, if any at all, and all this mostly empty talk makes (or should make) us suspect whether all this is a smoke screen, concealing the lethal dread to know anything at all about these subjects we babble about all the time.
       Something is Missing is a book trying to demystify the abundance of popular literature on love, sex and life, starting from a Lacanian/psychoanalytic point and eventually ending up in a Marxist/revolutionary one, traversing many areas of popular culture, especially cinema. It attempts to address the Lacanian concepts of lack, desire, the Real and jouissance, through the feminist critique of Lacanianism and the Foucauldian concept of the policies of Truth. And although it categorically denies the existence of a single, attainable, knowable Truth in itself, it endeavors to point out that the search for truth(s) is the only thing that lends any meaning to “Life, the Universe and Everything”, apart, of course, from “42”, which is Douglas Adams’ answer to the same question.
Things We Don’t Want to Know about Love, Sex and Life
Something Is Missing
Knight in Shining Armor
I’m Jealous of You
That Obscure Object of Desire
There’s No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship
Nor Is There Any Such Thing as The Woman
Silentium Universi
The Truth is Out There/The Real is Over There Somewhere

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