New Public Faces of Islam, Nilüfer Göle
Metis Nonfiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 264 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-249-0

1st Print: January 2000
2nd Print: October 2000
Nilüfer Göle
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About the Author
Nilüfer Göle is professor of sociology at the École des Hautes Études in Paris and a leading authority on the political movement of today's educated, urbanized, religious Muslim women. A prominent scholar, she is the author of Modern Mahrem (The Forbidden Modern, 1991) which has been translated into English, French, German and Spanish. Through personal interviews, Göle has developed detailed case studies of young Turkish women who are turning to the tenets of fundamental Islamic gender codes. Her sociological approach has also produced a broader critique of Eurocentrism with regard to emerging Islamic identities at the close of the 20th century. She has explored the specific topic of veiling, as well as the complexities of living in a multicultural world. She published Interpénétrations: L'Islam et l'Europe (2005), and co-edited Islam in Public (2006), a study on the relations between Islam and the Western world that privileges analysis of micro processes by focusing upon emerging Muslim profiles and practices in public life.
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Mühendisler ve İdeoloji (Engineers and Ideology), 1986
Modern Mahrem (The Forbidden Modern), 1991
Melez Desenler (Hybrid Patterns), 2000
Nilüfer Göle (ed.), Kenan Çayır, Defne Suman,
Umut Azak, Buket Türkmen, Uğur Kömeçoğlu,
Esra Özcan, Mücahit Bilici, Oğuz Erdur
New Public Faces of Islam
A Workshop Study

İslamın Yeni Kamusal Yüzleri
Bir Atölye Çalışması

New Public Faces of Islam is a multi-faceted analysis of the new visibility –new faces, discourses and life-styles– that Islam has acquired over the past few years. This gradual change in the political function and public appearance of Islam can be traced in public spaces such as television, concert halls, public beaches, festivals and non-profit organizations. We see that the old relative anonymity is giving way to individuation and clearer, more discernable portraits. Focusing on a diverse set of research areas, the authors in this edition inquire into Islam’s new visibility. A thought-provoking study by internationally renowned sociologist Nilufer Göle and her students, New Public Faces of Islam stresses once again the value of collective work in the social sciences.
Introduction – Nilüfer Göle
Modernist Public Sphere and Islamic Morality – Nilüfer Göle
An Islamist NGO: Gökkuşağı Istanbul Women’s Platform – Kenan Çayır
Feminism, Islam and the Public Sphere – Defne Suman
Islamist Radios and Veiled Radio Hosts – Umut Azak
The Transformation of Laicism: High School Youth, the Veil and the Atatürk Badge
    – Buket Türkmen
The Sacred and the Public: Fetullah Gülen Community Movement
    – Uğur Kömeçoğlu
Yaşar Nuri Öztürk and Islam Re-Learnt – A. Esra Özcan
The Tanning Face of Islam: Case of Caprice Hotel – Mücahit Bilici
"Green" Critiques of Modernism: Ecology and Islamism – Oğuz Erdur

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